Our Team

Jordan Anderson, Executive Director

Registered Psychotherapist, ICADC, CCS-AC

Jordan Anderson is an Opiate & Tobacco Cession Specialist and a member of the association of trauma specialists.

Jordan is a Registered Psychotherapist, An Internationally Certified Addictions and Mental health Counsellor and Certified Clinical Supervisor with the C.A.C.C.F with more than a decade in the field of Mental Health and Addiction.


Jack Wiley Admissions Coordinator

Jack is an experienced admissions coordinator

with over 3 years in the field of social services -

helping those who have been lost find a sense of

belonging. He is a certified peer support worker

who strives to bring understanding and hope wherever

he goes. He is also a talented musician who regularly

works with clients on developing their sense of expression.


Henry Baroi Night Shift Worker

Henry has a Bachelor of Economics and over a decade of working in the Addiction and Mental Health field. Henry is a dedicated team member and has worked for Alpha House for over a decade.


Darren Greer Clinical Case Manager

Darren is the primary Clinical Case Manager for Alpha House. Darren is 5 times published author, A talented Musician and artist and has over 17 years of experience working in the Addiction and Mental Health Field.


Ari Korn Day Program & Life Skills Worker

Ari is the lead of the Alpha House Day program and life skills group. Ari brings his enthusiasm and diverse skill set in the areas of Music, Meditation, Cooking and art to Alpha House's day program to help our clients develop life skills such as budgeting, personal expression, and cooking.


Jordan White Saunders Peer Support Worker

Jordan is a skilled Peer Support Worker and Alpha House Alumnus with an empathetic heart and a love for helping those in need. Jordan is the primary afternoon Counsellor for Alpha House and leads many of the client groups sessions that occur during the week.


Candace Ramsey Human Service Worker

Candace is a staple at Alpha House and has been with us for over a decade. Candace brings a loving and compassionate energy to the centre and a skill set in navigating the complicated Social Services Sector.


Gary McDonald Aliumni Coordinartor

Gary is a Certified Addictions and Mental Health Counsellor with a desire to help those in need. Gary is an Alumnus of Alpha House and helps those both in the Centre and the Community recover from a seemly hopeless state of mind and body.


Drishti Kapur, MA Psyc. Addictions Counsellor

Drishti is a Certified Addictions Counsellor with a Master in Psych. Drishti brings a combination of clinical perspective, coupled with a soft empathetic approach.


Robert Presot Mental Health & Addictions Counsellor, CCAC

Robert is a Certified Addictions Counsellor with his Candian Addictions Counselling Certification credentials through the CACCF. Robert has more than 4 years of experience in the field and lived experience to titrate his education.


Mellisa Pisarzowski Addcitons Counsellor, BA Musicology

After completing a graduate degree in Musicology at York University, Melissa spent the better part of two decades working as a performer, choral arranger, and music therapist. Specializing in behavioural intervention, Melissa worked with individuals diagnosed with Autism, dementia and cognitive disability helping them to find a voice. Upon completing certification in Addictions and Mental Health from Humber college, she made the shift into Addictions counseling and group facilitation; she has found joy working with the Alpha House clients!