Alpha House is an inpatient aftercare program for men 18+

Many refer to Alpha as second stage treatment as clients are given the freedom to work and typically have an acute sense of life stability prior to admission. The residents of Alpha House support their recovery through an abstinence based recovery program. This program includes a variety of modalities which residents are free to choose for themselves. 

The Alpha House program offers a unique blend of guidance and support in areas of the greatest concern to our clients. These include upgrading of one's education, job searching, life skills, one-on-one counselling, and living within a community and meeting one's obligations to it. Our facility is staffed 24-hours a day by trained counselors and specialists. The staff facilitates regular meetings and groups through the week. These include the following:

Recovery at Alpha house

Our Programs 

Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) Program: 

The STOP Program is a province-wide initiative that delivers smoking cessation treatment and counseling support to eligible Ontario smokers who wish to quit smoking. Our approach is to use the existing healthcare infrastructure as well as new and innovative means to reach smokers from all parts of the province. The program includes a robust research component that evaluates the effectiveness of these various methods of delivering smoking cessation treatment support to smokers across Ontario. 

Since its inception in 2005, the STOP Program has provided free smoking cessation medication and counselling support to over 100,000 Ontarian's who wanted to quit smoking.

Well-validated research studies have shown that using medications such as Zyban® (bupropion), Champix® (varenicline), and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patch, gum, lozenge, and inhaler can double the chances of quitting smoking. In addition to reaching smokers directly, the STOP Program works in partnerships with community and regional healthcare organizations to make smoking cessation medication and behavioural support available free of charge to patients and clients of these organizations. 

​Alpha House in partnership with CAMH offers a free nicotine replacement clinic onsite. 

Services Offered

  • 24/7 onsite counselling support 
  • Registered Psychotherapists or Certified Addiction Counsellor. 
  • Psychiatric and Medical referal's
  • Opiate Replacement Program 
  • Onsite Pre-admission groups every Monday at 10:30 AM.  
  • Relapse Prevention drop in group every Tuesday at 6:15pm
  • Co-Dependant's Anonymous Tuesday at 7:00PM 
  • Addiction Education Group with Dr. Jake Bobrowski, Addiction Medicine specialist every Friday Morning at 10:30 AM  
  • Smart Recovery every Friday at 7PM
  • Full time day programs offered through several offsite referral agencies.
  • Stop with Addictions Nicotine Replacement Clinic offered free to all clients through out there stay. 
  • Alumni After Care program:

Our doors are always open to past residents in crisis. Alpha House goes beyond 12-step recovery by aiding its residents in fundamental living skills. The nature of the Alpha House Community inherently build skills in how to live in harmony with others, how to shoulder and meet one’s responsibilities, and how to maintain a discipline of recovery in the face of life’s ups and downs.